Ready to serve at Bachelor Creek? Below are the different areas of service that we need volunteers on a weekly basis. If you are interested in serving, click here.


First Impressions Team

We want every person to feel at home when the walk through our doors! This starts at the front doors with our first impressions team. Volunteers in this ministry serve in a variety of ways as they seek to make each guest feel welcomed and loved.


Ladies fellowship

Ladies’ Fellowship (“Ladies’ Aid") exists as a service to our church family, equipping the kitchen and providing meals and kitchen workers for church related events (i.e. Wedding Receptions, Funeral Dinners, etc.), as well as providing opportunities to reach others in our community. There are numerous ways to get plugged in, connect with other ladies of ALL AGES and contribute your time and/or resources.


Next Generation Ministry Team (birth-high school)

We want the next generation of kids and students to know and love Jesus. That is the end that we are imagining for them as they grow in our ministries. We need people of all ages to partner with us as we love kids the way that Jesus loves. Volunteers within this ministry serve as nursery workers, preschool teachers, small group leaders, Kids Hope Mentors, Awana leaders, etc.


Prayer Team

Everything at Bachelor Creek starts with prayer. We want to be a church that prays God-sized prayers! Volunteers on our prayer team pray while each service is in session. You can also sign-up to receive the prayer list so that you can pray for others throughout the week.


Security team / lock up Team

Every person who walks through our doors matters to us. With this in mind, we want to make sure people are safe and secure on Sunday mornings and that our building is taken care of throughout the week. Volunteers in the security team monitor the building on Sunday mornings, and volunteers on the lock up team serve by making sure the church is locked up at night.


Technology Team

As our world becomes more connected, technology is a part of our daily lives. We utilize technology at Bachelor Creek to further the Gospel message in the culture in which we have been placed. Volunteers serving on the technology team run sound, lights, and computer slides for multiple ministry areas.


Worship Team

Each week, we have multiple teams of people leading worship for our church body. We want to be a church that worships the One who is worthy. If you are a gifted singer or can play an instrument, we have a place for you! There are opportunities to lead worship in the main service as well as in several of our youth environments.


other service opportunities

We cannot function as a church body without our volunteers! We recognize that God has gifted all of us differently, and that is the beauty of God’s family. The volunteer possibilities on Sunday mornings and throughout the week are numerous. If you aren’t a person who likes to be in front of people, we have opportunities for you as well. Other volunteer opportunities include prepping materials for Sunday mornings, cooking meals for new moms, helping clean up the worship center, preparing coffee, and more.