Bachelor Creek is a non-denominational Christian church that first established itself as a congregation in June of 1845. A lot has changed over the course of 170+ years but a few things have remained. Our church was, is, and always will be devoted to teaching the Bible, sharing the good news about Jesus Christ, and inviting people to experience life together in community as we seek to be a congregation of unified believers worshipping in Spirit and in truth. At Bachelor Creek, we believe that Jesus changes everything. He changes who we are from the inside out.



Worship Regularly

Worship is my response to who God is. Gathering with other believers is my number one priority on a Sunday morning.

Do Life Together

Christ offers me new life, a connected life. I will regularly meet with other believers in a smaller group context where we help one another be more like Christ. Life is better together.

Serve People

God has given me spiritual gifts, talents and abilities. I will use these inside and outside the church to help build His kingdom and to show the heart of Jesus.

Connect With God Daily

God wants a personal relationship with me. I will spend time with God daily in His word and in prayer because it is necessary for my health and growth in Christ.

Give Generously

Everything I have comes from the generous love of God. He asks me to give generously of my time and money to reach others with His love.

Invest and Invite

The greatest act of love I can show a friend is to help that friend find Jesus. God has given me a circle of influence that I can impact for eternity.